2014–Here we come!

All of a sudden Franklin Street Press is three years old and counting! Happy Birthday!

Aside from selling numerous books from our catalog, Franklin Street published one new book in 2013, Love at First Sight, a collection of thirty songs by Michael Lydon. This follows Sing the Song Again, Lydon’s first songbook, and both, of course, are available through this site.

Lydon is also hard at work on a new book, Power Tools for Writing, that he hopes to publish later this year. Power Tools collects over a dozen essays on aspects of the art of writing–rhythm, metaphor, alliteration, assonance, and more, all of which writers can use to make their work livelier and more effective.

Franklin Street Press has also received several books by friends who have self-published their own writing. One of these, Draft Dodger’s Diary by Gil Bob, is truly excellent, a touching and funny coming of age novel about a young fellow in the Army Reserves in the 1960s as the Vietnam War was growing bigger and bigger. DDD is available at Amazon. Here at Franklin Street we cheer on all such efforts. Yes, we all want to write best-sellers published by big houses, but better to get our work out by hook or by crook than to wait around the mail box for acceptance letters that never come.

Oh, and lest we forget, The Rolling Stones Discover America, Lydon’s book on the 1969 Rolling Stones tour of America, came out as an e-book in January 2013 and as an audio book in December 2013. Both are selling well. Here’s the link to buy either or both at Amazon:


Three cheers, friends and colleagues! Keep writing, keep reading, and keep smiling!!


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Welcome to Franklin Street Press!

Franklin Street Press is a publishing company founded by Michael Lydon in 1993, based in New York City, and dedicated to publishing essays by Lydon on writing, literature, music, and philosophy.

Through two decades, Lydon published over a dozen books through Franklin Street Press (first named Patrick Press), designing and pasting up the pages himself, then printing them as attractive but simple chapbooks at a nearby and excellent copy center.

This year Lydon decided to move his publishing efforts into the e-age of print-on-demand and e-books, and he has already created three books–Now What?, Sing the Song Again, and Real Writing–that are ready for today’s online commerce.

Lydon plans this site as the online center of his publishing efforts, with frequently updated excerpts of Franklin Street’s current and soon-to-come releases, and with news, notes, and low-key sales pitches.

Thank you for stopping in at Franklin Press! Please leave comments, and when this site is fully launched, please buy a book–or two or three!



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